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Big Data Consulting

NexaOps Big Data Managed Services offers rapid development, deployment, and management of Big Data Applications. Perform Data Cleansing, Data Transformation, Advanced Analytics with Big Data Consulting from Data Ingestion to Predictive Analytics to Visualization and Reporting with dedicated DevOps hours for bug fixes.


Big Data Managed Service Offerings

  • Apache Spark Managed Services
  • Hive+HBase Managed Services
  • Druid Managed Services
  • Apache Zeppelin Managed Services
  • Apache Kafka Managed Services
  • Apache Nifi Managed Services
  • ElasticSearch Managed Services
  • Apache Solr Managed Services
  • Hazelcast Managed Services
  • Apache Lucene Managed Services

Big Data Managed Service Offerings

DevOps Consulting Services

Big Data Managed Services for Increasing Productivity

The Enterprise ready Hadoop Distribution lets you to choose various enterprise-class Apache distribution models to suit your Big Data workloads. Focus more on business and less on data management with Big Data Managed Services.

DevOps Consulting Services

Big Data Support Services

NexaOps offers 24/7/365 Big Data Monitoring and Big Data Support services with end-to-end service consultation from design to monitoring, backed by SLA driven service commitments.

DevOps Consulting Services

Big Data Deployment

Choose from dedicated and shared service deployment models as well as scale on demand. Choose from the leading list of Cloud Service Providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes or on-premises infrastructure.

Big Data Solutions

Get in Touch with our Industry Experts for Big Data Infrastructure Migration, Managed Services, Monitoring and Optimization.

Big Data Use Cases

From Healthcare to Telecommunication, Big Data is present across a variety of Industries. Explore our Big Data Use Cases to see how you can benefit from Big Data.