Big Data Infrastructure Solutions

Big Data Solutions will deliver effective, highly scalable, optimized Big Data application. Big Data Services supports Reactive programming for developing streaming and event driven Big Data application in Akka framework. NexaOps Big Data Solution enables Infrastructure Automation for Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark Cluster and Different Components.

  • Akka Framework
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Rapid Miner
  • Reactive Programming
  • Apache Spark
  • Talend
  • Apache Ranger
  • HDFS
  • Kerberos
  • Apache Knox
  • LDAP

Big Data Security Solutions

NexaOps Big Data Solution provides Secure Mode Hadoop and Spark Cluster Installation, Secure Mode HDFS, Hive and Hbase operation. Our Big Data Security Solution helps you in securing your Data Lake using Apache Knox and Apache Rangers. NexaOps Big Data Solutions provides Audit metadata, monitoring and visibility of Data Flow for Big Data governance through Apache Falcon & Atlas.

Streaming and Real-Time Analytics Solutions

Data is everywhere. NexaOps offers the platform and solutions for Real-Time Streaming Analytics for any type of data. We help you build and deploy Real-Time Streaming Data Application in minutes and help your enterprise reduce the overall cost of operation.

  • Apache Flink
  • Apache Storm
  • Apache Kafka
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Apache Nifi
  • Apache Samza
  • Octave
  • Orange
  • R Programming Language
  • Rapid Miner
  • Graphlab Create
  • Weka

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Our Data Science Services provides text analytics solutions to extract data from text sources for sentiment analysis, text clustering and categorization using Natural Language Processing algorithms. Predict the Future, anticipate the change, nurture agility that boost your bottom line. Build Predictive and statistical Models for Data Products.

Data Product & Decision Science

NexaOps Data Visualization & Artificial Intelligence Services enables you to develop Interactive Dashboard, Data Product in form of Chat Bots, Digital Agents and Decision Science framework, recommendation systems with progressive web Applications Using Angular.js, React.js, and Reactive Programming – Scala, Go.

  • AM Charts for Data Visualization
  • CanvasJS for Data Visualization
  • Chartlist JS for Data Visualization
  • ChartJS for Data Visualization
  • D3.JS for Data Visualization
  • Datawraper for Data Visualization
  • DYGraphs for Data Visualization
  • Fusion Charts for Data Visualization
  • Google Charts for Data Visualization
  • High Charts for Data Visualization
  • Ploty.JS for Data Visualization
  • Viz.JS for Data Visualization
  • TensorFlow
  • Apache MXNet
  • Keras
  • Caffe
  • PYTorch
  • Theano
  • MLib
  • Spark ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning is the new frontier for business. Implementing large scale Machine Learning Applications requires Technology Stack including TensorFlow, PyTorch and more.