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We at NexaOps operates an automated, and trusted management environment, providing database, analytics and covers very bit of you operations stack and helps you focus more on marketting and business.

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Dynamic Scaling

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Managed Services with SecOps

Cloud Factory Object Storage is compatible with thousands of applications and suitable for an offsite backup target, tape replacement, secure corporate shared drive and so much more.


Your storage is protected with high grade security and encryption, your mission-critical.



We offer storage for any kind of application for any platform, utilise our REST APIs and start.



Reach new cost, capacity and accessibility milestones with petabyte scalability and beyond.


Our Managed IT Services Offerings

Let us help you to boost your IT Operations efficiently and reduce business costs by outsourcing your IT department. We help you in monitoring and managing your enterprise data, cloud and many more:

Big Data Managed Services

Increase Business Efficiency by Harnessing the Power of Big Data Managed Services.

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Managed Kubernets Services

Scale your Kubernetes clusters across the enterprise data center to deliver faster execution.

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Managed Database Service

Handle day-to-day operational management of systems either on premise or on cloud.

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Managed Cloud & DevOps Service

Move your existing legacy applications to the cloud for faster outcomes.

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Data Science Managed Service

Get deep insights from data that grows continuously across various industries for increased efficency.

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